AWR Index

  1. Islamist Militant Group, Al-Hasm Movement
  2. Law on Gathering And Protest
  3. Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  4. Arab-West Report
  5. Religious freedom and freedom of expression
    1. Religious freedom as a form of expression in the Arab World
      1. Apostasy in Islam
      2. Conversions to Islam
      3. Christians proselytizing or carrying out missionary activities
      4. Muslims proselytizing or carring out missionary activities
      5. Accusations of heresies in Islam
      6. Accusations of heresies in Islam mentioning people
      7. People or groups accused of violating social or religious norms in Islam
        1. Khalīl Abd al-Karīm (The formation period in the life of Muhammad)
        2. Alī Abd al-Rāziq (Islam and the origins of government, 1924)
        3. Muhammad Abd al-Wahhāb (Min-ghayr layh/No whys)
        4. Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd (Dr.)
        5. Laylá Ahmad (Women and Sexism in Islam)
        6. Azīm Mannāf (co-author: Islam and the 15th hijrī century)
        7. Jamāl al-Bannā (Islam and freedom of thought)
        8. al-Ghad newspaper (attacking prophet's companions) (2006)
        9. Jamāl al-Ghaytānī (Full veiling)
        10. Al-Mahaddawī (Libyan judge)
        11. Ali al-Majarī (yemeni poet)
        12. Shaykh Abd al-Mutāl al-Saīdī (religious freedom in Islam)
        13. Ahmad al-Shahāwī (Wasīyah fi Ishq al-Nisā)
        14. Louis Awwad (An introduction to the grammar of the arabic language)
        15. Dr. Hasan al-turabi
        16. Usāmah Anwar Ukashah
        17. Ahmad Baghdādī
        18. Bahrām Bidā'ī (Iran)
        19. Thekra Mohammad Abdullah Al-dali
        20. Khālid Dūrān (The seed of Abraham)
        21. Dr. Muhammad Fattūh (2007)
        22. Faraj Fūdah (1946-1992)
        23. Arrest of groups violating Sharīah
        24. Alā' Hāmid (a room in a man's mind)
        25. Hasan Hanafī (co-author: Islam and the 15th hijrī century)
        26. Haydar Haydar (Banquet of the seaweed)
        27. Ahmad Abd al-Mutī Hijāzī
        28. Tāhā Husayn (The Jahili Poetry 1926)
        29. Fārūq Husnī (Culture Minister)
        30. Dr. Muhammad Imārah, (co-author: Islam and the 15th hijrī century)
        31. Ibrāhīm Isá (al-Urah/The Naked)
        32. Jibrān Khlīl Jibrān (al-Nabi/The prophet)
        33. Najwa Karam (lebanese singer)
        34. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Khalāf Allah (Stories in the Qur'ān)
        35. Khalīd Muhammad Khalīd (From here we begin)
        36. Marcel Khalīfah
        37. Rashad Khalīfah (claimed to be a prophet)
        38. Dr. Ali Mabrūk (2006 research)
        39. Najīb Maḥfūẓ (Awlad Haritna/ The children of our alley, 1959)
        40. Mustafá Mahmūd (The modern explantation of the Holy Qur'ān)
        41. al-Shaykh Manāl
        42. Dr. Ahmad Subhī Mansūr (The prophets in the Holy Qur'ān)
        43. Mikki, A. A woman's memoirs in Saudi prisons
        44. Salāh al-dīn Muhsin (accused of disclaiming religions in 2000)
        45. Abd al-Rahmān Munif (Mudun al-Milh/Cities of salt)
        46. Ibrāhīm Nasr Allah (poet)
        47. Taslīmah Nasrin (Split in two)
        48. Nizār Qabbānī
        49. Hasan Qatāmish (The flight with Satan and a stick)
        50. Sayyid Qutb (islamist, author)
        51. Hans-Peter Raddatz
        52. Fathī Radwān (co-author: Islam and the 15th hijrī century)
        53. Nawal Sadāwī
        54. Yūsuf Shāhīn (Film-The immigrant)
        55. Sharur, Muhammad (author)
        56. Muhammad Shukrī (Al-khubz alhāī/ For bread alone)
        57. Tharwat Ukasha (1921-2012)
        58. Īd Wardānī (The genesis story)
        59. Mirvat Tillawī
        60. Azhar thesis deeming Rose al-yūsuf
      8. Accusations of heresies in Christianity
      9. Press freedom-SEE media/freedom
      10. The critique of the religious beliefs of non-mainstream religious groups
      11. Calls for government intervention to stop the activities of specific non-mainstream groups
      12. Western intervention into religious freedom or freedom of expression
      13. Censorship-legal structure, social background and practice
      14. Authors that have been criticized for violating religious or social norms
    2. Evaluation of Western reports on religious freedom or freedom of expression
    3. General discussions on US Freedom from Religious Persecution Act
    4. General discussions about freedom of expression
    5. General discussions about freedom of religion or freedom of belief
    6. Democratization and reporting on human rights issues
  6. Relations between the Arab and Islamic world and the non-Arab and non-Islamic world
    1. The image of Arabs and Islam in the Western media
    2. Controversial issues that create discussion about Arab-West relations
    3. General issues in Arab-West relations
    4. Critique or praise of Western Orientalists
    5. Westeners living in Arab countries
    6. Greater understanding in Arab-West Relations
    7. US military actions affecting Arab-West relations
    8. Western scholars involved in Arab-West or Muslim-Christian understanding
    9. Books related to Arab-West relations
    10. Arab/Muslim influence in non-Muslim countries
    11. Arab influences in the Western world
    12. Organizations working on Arab-West relations
    13. Immigrant Communities in the Arab World
  7. Developments in Islam in the Arab/Islamic World
    1. Islamic thinkers and scholars who participate in discussions about Islam
    2. Leaders or people believed to be linked to leadership
    3. Muslim-Jewish Relations
    4. General Islamic Issues and Developments
      1. Fatwás
        1. General rules for making fatwás
        2. Scholars and organizations issuing fatwás
        3. Fatwás mentioned in the Arab media
          1. When someone can be called a martyr
          2. America Muslims in the US military
          3. Fixing antennas onto mosque minarets
          4. Artificial impregnation
          5. Bank interest
          6. Boycotting foreign goods
          7. Bribery
          8. Celebrating Shamm al-nasīm
          9. Charging to enter houses of worship
          10. Competitions that use special rate phone numbers
          11. Constructing mosques between buildings
          12. Cooperation between the US and an Islamic country to attack a Muslim state
          13. Declaring Bahā'īs and Bābis Kāfir
          14. Beauty contests (harām)
          15. Defending a person accused of spying
          16. Killing Israelis / Destroying Israel
          17. Disputing the validity of certain Islamic sects
          18. Fatwas on euthanasia
          19. Men and women shaking hands
          20. Fatwas on Islam and art
          21. Life Insurance and Islamic life insurance
          22. Killing terrorists
          23. Fatwas on male and female circumcision
          24. Marriage in Islam (different forms)
          25. Marriage to Israeli women (harām)
          26. Martyrdom attacks or operations
          27. Martyrdom: what makes a person a martyr
          28. Miss Egypt elections
          29. Poor Muslim women dating wealthy men to support their families
          30. Muslim-Christian relations
          31. Naming businesses after the 99 names of God
          32. Non-Muslim mothers getting custody of their Muslim children
          33. Normalization with Israel
          34. Playing football
          35. Women being pregnant after their husbands have died
          36. Qur'anic verses as mobile phone ring tones
          37. Fasting during Ramadān
          38. Using religious logos in elections
          39. Selling alcohol to non-Muslims in the West
          40. Smoking
          41. Support for the Egyptian president in the 2005 elections
          42. Relationship between Shī'ah and the Sunnah
          43. Using DNA to find out child's paternity
          44. Women leading men in prayers
          45. Women in public posts or parliament
          46. Fatwas on Women travelling abroad without husband's permission
      2. Hadīth
      3. Halāl and Harām
      4. Islam and secularism
      5. Islam in society
        1. Societal and ethical issues
        2. Popular beliefs
        3. Preaching in Islam
      6. Islamic economy
      7. Islamic institutions
        1. The Fatwá Committee
        2. The Azhar
          1. The Grand Imam of the Azhar
          2. The Higher Council for the Azhar
          3. Islamic Research Academy
          4. The Azhar University
          5. Azhar institutes
          6. The Fiqh/Jurisprudence Research Committee
          7. Council of Scientific Research
          8. The Punishment Council of the Azhar
          9. Acceptance of non-Muslim students at the Azhar University
          10. The role of Saudi Arabia in religious institutions
          11. The Azhar (its history and role in the world)
        3. The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs
        4. The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs
        5. Dar al-Ifta / The House of Fatwa
        6. Muslim Youth Association (Egypt)
        7. Al-Jamīah al-Sharīyah
        8. Ansār al-Sunnah al-Muhammadīyah group
      8. Islamic responses to natural disasters and other phenomena
      9. Islamic Sharīah
      10. Islamic thinkers
      11. Jurisprudence/ Fiqh and discussions about it
      12. Shīʿah
      13. The Hājj
      14. Zakāh (alms)
      15. The Quran
      16. Traditions/Schools of Islam
      17. Islam in society
      18. Conversion From Islam
    5. Political Islam
      1. Political Islam/Islamism
      2. Islamist Organizations in the Middle East
        1. Attempted terrorist attack in Sinai (Sep 2006)
        2. Charity and Justice (Morocco)
        3. El Wa'ad (2001)
        4. Nagoum min al-Nar
        5. The Islamic World League
        6. The World Union of Muslim Scholars (Ireland)
        7. The Azhar Scholars Front (1946-2001)
        8. Muslim Brotherhood
          1. Communication between the Muslim Brotherhood and Copts
          2. Other prominent members
          3. General articles about the Muslim Brotherhood
          4. Guidance office
          5. General guides
          6. Prominent members or people believed to be close to the Muslim Brotherhood
          7. Policy and structure of the Muslim Brotherhood
          8. Arrest and release of members
          9. Muslim Brotherhood organizations
          10. Books about the Muslim Brotherhood
          11. Interviews with Muslim Brotherhood Members
        9. Al-Jamā'ah al-Islāmīyah
        10. Jihād [Organization]
        11. Al-Qāidah
        12. Hizb Allāh [Hezbollah]
        13. Hamas
        14. Tanweer Islamic Center
        15. Abd Allāh Azzām brigades
        16. Al-Tablīgh wa-al-Dawah (Egypt)
        17. Al-Tā'ifah al-Mansūrah/ The Victorious Sect (Egypt)
        18. Al-Tawhīd wa-al-Jihād
        19. al-Waʿd (Egypt)
        20. Ansār al-Sunnah
        21. Armed Islamic Group (GIA)
        22. Al-Adl wa al-Ihsān [Charity and Justice]
        23. Hizb al-Nahdah/ The party of rebirth
        24. Hizb al-Tahrīr
        25. Islamic Action Front (IAF)
        26. Aden Abyan Islamic Army
        27. Islamic Salvation Front (FIS)
        28. Islamist Lawyer's Front Association (1986)
        29. Jund Allāh
        30. Islamic National Front
        31. The Returnees from Albania
        32. Takfīr wa-al-Hijrah [Jama'at al-Muslimin]
        33. Talā' al-Fath al-Islāmī
        34. Nugūm min Nār
        35. Al-Faramāwī group
        36. ISIS / ISIL / IS / Daesh / Islamic State
        37. Salafiyyah Jihādiyyah (Salafi Jihadi) (Egypt)
      3. Terrorist attacks carried out by groups
      4. Arab Islamists in the West
      5. Islamist Political Parties
      6. Influence of Islamists in society
      7. Calls to use violence
      8. Discussions about extremism and terrorism and Islam
      9. Discussion about negotiations with terrorists and Islamic movements
      10. Kidnapping and killing for political financial purposes
      11. Discussions of martyrdom attacks or operations
      12. Islamism at universities and other educational institutions
      13. Links between Egyptian/Arab Islamists with Afghanistan
      14. Discussions about demonstrations
      15. Extradition of Islamists to Egypt
    6. Traditions and Feasts
    7. Reform in Islamic thinking
    8. Arab Media Reporting on Islam in the West
    9. International Islamic Organizations
    10. Book reviews on Islamic themes
  8. Developments in Muslim-Christian Relations in the Arab/Islamic World
    1. Issues related to Muslim-Christian relations
    2. Muslim and Christian views of each other in the Arab World
    3. Muslim-Christian relations between official institutions
    4. Discussions about discrimination between Muslims and Christians
    5. Issues discussed that affect Muslim-Christian Relations
    6. Muslim-Christian marriages
    7. Discussions about freedom of religion
    8. Numbers about church growth
    9. The Bible and The Qur'ān
    10. Muslim-Christian incidents
      1. 1997- Burning Abū Sayfayn church in Fayyūm
      2. 2006-Conversion of Coptic boy to Islam, Asyut
      3. 2007-A Muslim killed his Christian neighbour in Zaqāzīq
      4. 2008- Arab attack on Daīr Abū Fānā cloister
      5. Armint al-Hayt, Qena
      6. Christian man runs away with a Muslim woman in Ṭāmiyya, Fayyūm
      7. Reports about sectarian strife or fear of sectarian strife
      8. The village of 'Azbah Hanna Ayub in al-Minia
      9. 2000- Conversion of Coptic girl to Islam, allegedly killed by her brother, Beni Suef
      10. Egyptian media reporting about sectarian strife (no specific incidents)
      11. 1972- Al-Khankah incidents
      12. 1978-A priest from Tawfīqīyah killed by Muslims
      13. 1980-1981 Al-Zāwiyah al-Hamrá incidents
      14. 2011- Mar Girgis Church Burning in al-Marinab Village
      15. 1982-Assassination of Ibrāhīm Shafīq in al-Mengabadi
      16. 1993- Christian deaths in Dairūt and Sunbū
      17. 1995-Destroying Hinain family home Nahas Zaqāziq
      18. Al-Muharraq monastery
      19. 1995-1996 Demand for protection money from Christians
      20. 1996-Murder of Christian family in Wastah
      21. 1996- Mob violence in Kafr Dimyan
      22. 1996-Terrorist attack in Izbat Aqbāt
      23. 1997-claims about house being used as church, Abū Tīj
      24. Terrorist attacks on Christians in Abū Qurqas
      25. 1997- Stabbing of Father Stephanus Subhī
      26. 1997-Attempt to burn a house belonging to a monk in Izbat Girgis, Munufiyah
      27. 1998- Alleged arson of Christian owned factories
      28. 1999- Land dispute in Abū Tīj in Asyut
      29. 1998-2000 Al-Kushh incidents
      30. 1999-Appropriation of land from Christian farmer, Upper Egypt
      31. 1999- Bishop Makarius of Sinai in car accident
      32. 1999- attack on Father Bisādah Eskarus, Dairout
      33. 1999-Bus accident during Christian pilgrimage
      34. 2000-Sudanese-Egyptian clashes in Abbāsīyah, Cairo
      35. 2000-Land dispute causing death of a Muslim
      36. 2001-Demise of the Holy tree in Jabal al-Tayr
      37. 2001-Death of Father Antonius Zakī Ghubriyāl, Samālūt
      38. 2001- Fayza and custody of her two children, Beni Suef
      39. 2001-Adil Karas, an Egyptian Copt killed in L.A
      40. 2001-Attack against Catholic church in Pakistan
      41. 2001-Knife attack on Father Hazqiyāl Ghubriyāl, Balaynā, Sohag
      42. 2002-Accidental death of guard
      43. 2002-Murder of excommunicated priest, Luxor
      44. 2003- Ayyāt/jizrā problems with church building
      45. 2004- Death of a priest and parishoners in Tāhā al-Amidah
      46. 2004- Al-Manqatīn incident, Sohag
      47. 2004-Death of Sanā Musad and her daughter, converts to Islam
      48. 2005-Damshāw, Minia
      49. 2005- Muharram Bey incidents, Alexandria
      50. 2005-Stabbing of Christian woman at Minya university
      51. 2005-Church burning in Punjab, Pakistan
      52. 2005-Murder of Coptic family in New Jersey, US
      53. 2005-Death of two children in Evangelical Hospital in Azbakīyah
      54. 2005-Attempt to build a mosque in front of Anbā Bishūy monastery
      55. 2005-claims Father Bimen William Tawfīq, was killed
      56. 2005-Death of Ahmad Abū Tālib in Kafr Salāmah al-Sharqīyah
      57. 2005- government refuses to hand over 3 Christians that converted to Islam
      58. 2005-Police captain married Coptic girl and asked to divorce wife
      59. 2005- 6 people who converted to Islam and returned to Christianity
      60. 2005-Conversion of Imād Isa Girgis to Islam
      61. 1999-Attack against Greek Orthodox Church in Northern Lebanon
      62. 2006-Sale of piece of land owned by a Muslim to Christian, Kafr Dimyān
      63. Mosque building on Christian land, Wajdī Alfi Bisādah, Asyut
      64. 2006-Iron Cross built on top of church, Asyut
      65. 2006- Christian girl sexually harassed, Al-Nuzhah, Cairo
      66. 2006-Disappearance of two Coptic girls in Naj Hammādī, Qena
      67. 2006-attacks on Christian houses Fāw village, Qena
      68. 2006-Muslim attacks two churches in Alexandria
      69. 2006-Christian accused of stealing from Muslim boy, Asyut
      70. 2006-rumors about Hibah and Mājid in Qalyūbīyah
      71. 2006-Attempt to break into a church, Qena
      72. 2006-Displacement of 100 Copts from their homes, Hijāzah, Qena
      73. 2008 May 31 - Abū Fānā incident
      74. 2006-Confiscation of flat owned by Copts in Hamām, Assiut
      75. 2006-Murder of two Christians in Bahalil, Sohag
      76. 2006- Murder of Christians in Saft al-Laban, Minya
      77. 2006- Murder of 16 year old Catholic girl in Minya
      78. 2006-Clashes around Coptic monastery, Dayr Abyād, Sohag
      79. 2006-Riots after man tried to make Fatima convert, al-Marj, Cairo
      80. 2006- Muslim man who converted to Christianity
      81. 2006- Claims a 16 year old Christian raped an 8 year old boy, Cairo
      82. 2006-Muslim women harassed by 3 Christians, al-Azbakīyah, Cairo
      83. 2006-Conversion of 28 year old man in Nasr city, Cairo
      84. 2007- Anger about Muhammad Imārah's book
      85. 2007-Christians prevented from having shares in Faysal Islamic Bank
      86. 2007-A fire on the roof of Mar Girgis Church in Sīdī Bishr, Alexandria
      87. 2007-Muslim man kills neighbor in al-Zaqāzīq, al-Sharqīyah
      88. March 2011 - Sectarian clashes in Qena Governorate
      89. January,1 2011 - Alexandria Church Bombing
      90. March 2011 - Church burning in Sol, Atfih
      91. 2011 - Mar Girgis Church burning in Imbaba / Cairo
      92. October 9/10 2011 - Maspero Massacre
      93. April 2013 - Khusus and Abassiya
      94. 2013 - Attacks on churches following the ouster of Muhammad Mursi
      95. Conversion of ʾĪbrāhīm ʿAlī Sharaf al-Dīn and his family to Christianity
    11. Disputed kidnappings and forced conversions
      1. 2006-Ivatouma Fahmī
      2. The Alleged Kidnapping of Ḥanan Ṣabr Fakhrī (1996)
      3. Wafā’ Abd al-Masīh (November 2005)
      4. AWR reports about claims of kidnapping and forced conversions
      5. Articles on alleged kidnappings in the Arab media
      6. The alleged kidnapping of Salwā Unsī (1995)
      7. 1995-alleged kidnapping of Sabūrah Khillah, Dayrūt, Asyuṭ
      8. 1996-George Adlī
      9. The alleged kidnapping of Irene Sādiq, Cairo (1996)
      10. Sanā’ Lahzī, alleged kidnapping, Minya (1996)
      11. 1996-Isis Nawar
      12. The alleged kidnapping of Ulfat Hilmī Rizq (1997)
      13. 2000-Maryān Ra’fat Najīb,
      14. The alleged kidnapping of four girls from Mallawi (2001)
      15. 2001-Hanān Nas ‘Azīz,
      16. 2003-Ingy Edwar
      17. 2003-Anwar Sidqī Rātib, Dayrut
      18. Nivīn Malāk Samālūt (2003)
      19. 2003-Nirmīn Simān Sādiq
      20. 2003-Christine & Marian Nādir Kamāl, Bilqās, Daqahliyah
      21. 2004- Heidi Hakīm Mankarius Sālib,
      22. 2004-Wafā Constantine
      23. 2004-Asyut NDP official accused of forcing Christians to convert
      24. 2004-Nādyah Samū’īl Atīyah
      25. 2004-Marwá Nasīm Faraj
      26. 2005-Eva Thomas Fahmī Asad
      27. 2005-Hibah Samīr Wahbah
      28. 2005-Ingy Hilmī George Labīb
      29. Samya Zarīf Samān (February 2005)
      30. 2005-Ingy Ādil Wāsilī
      31. Nivīn Marqus, Alexandria (Rep 2005)
      32. Nivīn Khalīl Salīb (February 2005)
      33. Two girls in Fayyūm city (2005)
      34. Yasmīn (15 year old Muslim girl) Sawāmah Sohag (2005)
      35. Sihām 18 year old Christian girl from Ayn Hilwān (January 2005)
      36. Nivīn Māhir (19 years) (2005)
      37. Wafā’ Rifat Adlī (Hilwān, 2005)
      38. Samī Zākī Awwad, (Abū Rāmī) Sharqīya, 2005
      39. Nivīn Ayyād Mikhael, Zaqāzīq (2005)
      40. 2005-Nancy
      41. 2005-Aydā Lwīz Fahīm, Cairo
      42. 2005-Dīnā Sāmī Yūsuf
      43. Rānyā Fāyiz Butrus (November 2005)
      44. 2005-Māryan Ghuttās
      45. 2006-Alleged kidnappingof Kristen Ghattās, Minya
      46. 2006-Ivon Yuwāqīm Wahbah Mīkhā’īl
      47. 2006-Muslims demonstrate against kidnapping of girl, Cairo
      48. Theresa Ghattās Kāmil Girgis, Wādī Natrūn (2006)
      49. 2006- Susan Sabāh Sab Jād Allāh, Dayr Muās, Minya
      50. 2006-Heidi Samīr Hākim
      51. 2006-Na‘imah,
      52. 2006-Marianne Ra’fat
      53. Sārah Subhī – 20 years old (2006)
      54. 2006-Mary Thābit Hanā
      55. 2006-Dimyānh Girgis
      56. 2006-Christine Muntaṣir Ṣubhī, Kirdasah, Giza
      57. Suhā Ḥ;usayn Ṣ;ādiq – 25 years old (August 2006)
      58. 2006- Dimyānah Makram Ḥannā
      59. 2006-Lawrence Wajīh Emile
      60. 2006-Aydah Fayiz, Minya
      61. 2006-Mary Sad Maḥ;fūẓ
      62. 2006-Nirmīn Ayyād
      63. Romanī Tadrus (Naj Ḥ;ammādī 2006)
      64. 2006-Mirnā Thābit Fahīm
      65. 2006-Dīnā Amīn Ayyād
      66. 2006-Jīhān Wanīs Qīlādah
      67. Theresa Edward Kamāl-15 years old (Rep 2006)
      68. 2006-Amānī Māhir Qīlādah
      69. 2006-Heidi Nabīl Zakarīyah
      70. 2006-Muná Yaqūb Qiriaqus
      71. Rihab (Reported 2006 ,week 48)
      72. 2006-Fatin
      73. 2006-Nūr Jābir Ayyād
      74. 2006- Mary Saed
      75. 2006-Christine Michel Iskander
      76. 2006-Bishop Kyrillos of Naj Ḥammādī's document on misuse of finances
      77. 2006-Imād Jād Ghubriyal
      78. Samū’īl Māhir, village, Minia (Jan - 2007)
      79. 2007-Yūsuf Muhammad Abū al-Futūḥ, Naj Ḥammadi, Sohag
      80. 2007-Coptic woman accuses lawyer of forcing her to convert
    12. Christian demonstrations
    13. Repairing, Expanding, and Building Houses of Worship
      1. Repairing, expanding, and building churches
        1. Rumors about an authorized Chruch in al-Marj, Cairo
        2. Laws and regulations for church building
        3. Facts and figures on church building
        4. Church building in practice and incidents
          1. 2011 Mar Girgis Church Burning in Al-Marinab
          2. Coptic Orthodox church, Kafr Darwīsh, al-Fashn, Beni Suef
          3. The Virgin Mary and Martyr Abanoub church, Jabal al-Asfar, Shibīn al-Kom, Qalyūbīyah
          4. Closing the church in Ibrahim Pasha village, Samallūt, Minya
          5. Saint Abram church, Dijlah village, Dayr Mawās, Minya
          6. Church of Anba Barsum al-Aryan, Izbat Abu Aziz village, Sohaq (1992)
          7. Mar Girgis Church, Sohag, Egypt
          8. Patmos, Greater Cairo
          9. Hanging Church (1996 - 2001)
          10. Assemblies of God in al-Marg, Cairo (1997)
          11. Restauration of the Church Arch Angel Michael in Bani Majd, Assiut (1997)
          12. Closing of al-Amir Tadrus in Bani Shukair village, Manfallut (1997)
          13. Restoration of the Church Virgin Mary, Fayyum (1999)
          14. Rebuilding the Coptic Catholic Church in Hijazah village (Qena, 1999)
          15. Repairing of the Church of St. Mary in Abu al-Hadar, Dayrut, Assiut (1997)
          16. Restoration of St. Mary Monastery in Asyut Montain (1999)
          17. Restoration of Holy Virgin Church in Dirwah (1999)
          18. New Church in Hilwan, Egypt (2000)
          19. New church in Marina, Alexandria (2000)
          20. closing a church in Sharm al-Shaykh (2000)
          21. Dafash, Qusiyah, Assiut (2000)
          22. Evangelical Church of Abu Hammad al-Sharqiyah (Restoration stopped 2000)
          23. Disputes between Muslims and Christians over the church in Izbat al-Kharwa Khurshid, Alexandria (2000)
          24. Restoration of church in al-Max, Alexandria (2000)
          25. New Church in Muqattam, Cairo (2001)
          26. New church in Bulaq Abu al-llah (2001)
          27. New church in Tur, South of Sinai (2001)
          28. Evangelical church in Minya, Faith Church (2001)
          29. Shubrah al-Khaima, Cairo (2001)
          30. Ubur, Greater Cairo (December 2001)
          31. St. John the Babtist at Awlad Isa, Sadafah, Assiut (Restoration stopped 2001)
          32. Bani Walmis, Magharah, Upper Egypt (2002)
          33. New Church in Emirates (2002)
          34. Al-Munirah Qanatir, Qalubiyah (2002)
          35. Examples of Church Building in Bosnia in the Arab Media (2002)
          36. Izbat Raf'i near Qusiyah (2002)
          37. Abu Georg, Assiut (2003)
          38. Wall surrounding St. Anthony's Monastery (2003)
          39. Al-Munsha'ah al-Kubra, al-Qusiyah (2003-2004)
          40. Taha al-Amidah, Samallut, Upper Egypt (2004)
          41. Damshaw Hashim, Minya (January 2005)
          42. Manqattin, Samallut, Upper Egypt (2004)
          43. land around the Monastery of Masarah, Hilwan (2005)
          44. Mar Marqus Church, Assiut (2005)
          45. Two new churches in Kharga (2005)
          46. New Church of St. Marina in Alamayn, Alexandria (2005)
          47. Church Builing in Burj al-Arab (2005)
          48. Guest House as Church has been burned (Tilwanah, Bajur, Munufiyah, 2005)
          49. Attack in the New Church in in Udaysat, Luxor (2006)
          50. Church Building in Ayyat, Giza (February 2006)
          51. Rumors about a new Church in al-Sabin Village, Kom Ombo, Aswan (2006)
          52. New Coptic Church in Rihab City, Cairo (2006)
          53. Rumors about an Unauthorized Church in al-Marj, Cairo (2006)
          54. New Church in Mexico (January 2007)
          55. Restoration of the Church of Mother Dulaji in Isna
          56. Church building in Birtibat Village, Minya
          57. Drunkah (Monastery)
          58. The Red Monastery, Sohag
          59. Attacking a Priest in Wasif Village in Ayyat, Giza
          60. The Holy Virgin Church, Shaykh Youssef Village, Assiut (built since 1950)
          61. The Holy Virgin Church, Naj Ruzayq Village, Maraghah, Sohag
          62. A wall near the Monastery of Bishuy in Wadi al-Natrun
      2. Repairing, expanding and building mosques
    14. Reporting discrimination
    15. Issues that involved or could have involved Muslim-Christian relations
    16. Relations with Churches in Asia
    17. Articles highlighting Identity/Religious Symbols
    18. Organizations advocating Muslim-Christian understanding and cooperation
    19. Books referring to Muslim-Christian relations
      1. 'Aziz Fahmi, Toppling the Theory of Clash of Civilizations and Re-introducing Islam to the Western Mind
      2. 'Dirasat fi-al-Firaq' (Studies on sects)
      3. Abd al-Hamīd, Ra'fat, Egyptian thinking in the Christian era
      4. Abd al-Hamīd, Ra'fat, History of Christian thinking in Egypt
      5. Abd al-Hamīd, Raf'at, Al-fikr al-Misrī fī al-Asr al-Masīh
      6. Al-Milal wa al-Nihal (Religions and creeds)
      7. Dirasat fi al- farq' (Studies in the Differences)
      8. Dr. Nawal al-Sa'dawi, God Resigns During the Summit
      9. Hirsi Ali, Ayyan, Infidel
      10. Imārah, M. The sedition of takfir between Shiah, Wahhabism & Sufism
      11. Lauth, Reinhard, Abraham and his Descendants with God
      12. Abd al-Samī, Amr; Al-Aqbāt wa-al Raqm al-Sab
      13. Yūsuf al-Atyar, Husnī, Sirr Maryam: Bayn al-Injīl wa-al-Qur'ān
      14. al-Atyar, H. Y., Beliefs of the unitarians between Islam and Christianity
      15. al-Bannā, Jamāl, My Coptic Bretheren
      16. Salim al-Awwa, M. Al-Nizām al-Siyāsī lil-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah
      17. al-Bishrī, Tāriq, Muslims and Copts in the frame of the patriotic group
      18. al-Fāis, Robier, Ukht Yahūdha
      19. al-Fāris, Robier, Samā min Turāb
      20. al-Fiqī, Mustafá, Copts in Egyptian politics
      21. al-Hindī, Rahmat Allāh, Izhār al-Haqq
      22. Al-Injīl wa-al-Salīb/ The Bible and the Cross (Abd al-Ahad Da'ūd al-Ashūrī al-Irāqī) (2004)
      23. al-Khālidī, Tarīf, Al-Masih al-Muslim
      24. al-Saqqā, Ahmad Hijāzī, Naqd al-Tawrāh,
      25. al-Tabarī, Alī Bin Rabban, al-Rad alá Asnāf al-Nasārah
      26. Bibāwī, N. L., Problems of Copts in Egypt and their solution
      27. Christian poets in the Arabian Peninsula
      28. Dalrymple, William, From the Holy Mountain, A journey in the shadow of Byzantium
      29. Dā'ūd, Abd al-Ahad, Muhammad in the Holy Book
      30. Fu'ād, M. The way of pain, sectarian strife from a Coptic point of view
      31. Goddard, Hugh, Muslim perceptions of Christianity
      32. Hanna, Mīlād, Acceptance of the other
      33. Imārah, M. Scientific notes on the book of Christ in Islam
      34. Dr. Muhammad 'Imarah, The Sedition of Takfir
      35. Jād Allāh, Talat, Qadayā sha'kah wa-ru'á mustaqbalīyah
      36. Labīb, H, Religious protection crisis: Religion & the State in Egypt
      37. Murjān, Muhammad Majdī, Al-Masīh: Insān am Ilāh?
      38. Murjān, Muhammad Majdī, Hal Allāh Wāhid am Thalūth?
      39. Pflanders, K.G, Mīzān al-Haqq
      40. Sādiq, Maurice, Copts and Rulers
      41. Rushdī, S. Life Journey, Egypt's treasures between Nāsir & Sādāt
      42. Anselm, Turmeda, Tuhfa al-Arīb fī al-Radd alá Ahl al-Salīb
      43. Van Nispen, Christian, Christians and Muslims are Brothers before God
      44. Yūsuf, Abū Sayf, Copts and Arab nationalism
      45. Zaborowski, J.R, The Coptic martyrdom of Johan of Phanijot
      46. Emigrant Copts, a field of study and worries of a nation and citizenship
      47. Al-Katībah al-Tibīyah (The Theban Legion)
  9. Dialogue
  10. Education in the Arab/Islamic World
  11. Media
    1. Western groups highlighting discrimination against Arab Christians
    2. Film and television series
    3. Satellite channels
    4. Radio
    5. Internet
    6. Press Law/ Code of ethics
    7. Freedom of the Press
    8. Media Criticism
    9. Media History and Development
    10. Printed Media
  12. Judaism/ Discussions on Anti-Semitism
    1. Jewish communities in the Arab world and beyond
    2. Jewish-Muslims Relations
    3. Jewish-Arab Christian relations
    4. Discussions about Jewish-Muslim-Christian relations
    5. Anti-Semitism & discussions in the Arab media on anti-Semitism
    6. Jewish Messianism
    7. Messianic Jews/ Christian Jews
    8. Books related to Judaism, anti-Semitism and Christian Zionism
  13. Other religions or beliefs in the Arab/Islamic World
  14. Women, gender relations and children
    1. Laws regarding women traveling without asking their husband
    2. Children
    3. Women in controversial public functions
    4. Female suffrage/Women in parliament
    5. Personal status laws, marriage and divorce
    6. Women issues reported in the Arab media
    7. Feminism
    8. Organizations concerned with women's rights
    9. Books about women's issues
  15. Refugees
  16. Developments in Christianity in the Arab/Islamic World
    1. Christian thinkers
    2. Christianity and Tourism
    3. Coptic Language
    4. Coptic Language
    5. The Bible and references to Christian theology
    6. Churches in the Arab/Islamic World
      1. Messianic Jews/ Christian Jews
      2. Coptic Orthodox Church/ Celebrations
        1. Links (site of Coptic Pope)
        2. Numbers about church growth
        3. Christian feasts
        4. Christian celebrations
        5. Apparitions and miracles
        6. Calendar (Gregorian, Julian, Coptic)
        7. Patriarchs
        8. Coptic Orthodox General Bishops
        9. Coptic Orthodox Diocesan Bishops
        10. Coptic Orthodox abbots
        11. Coptic Orthodox priests and monks
          1. In line with the church
          2. Defrocked priests and monks [ARABIC term]
          3. Priests restricted in function [ARABIC term]
          4. Priests temporary out of function [ARABIC term]
          5. Priests who are or have been critiqued by the church hierarchy
          6. Priestly dynasties
          7. Discussions about excommunications of clergymen or laymen
          8. Discussions about priesthood and rules
        12. Excommunicated laymen
        13. Monastic life
        14. Coptic Orthodox retreat centers
        15. Coptic Orthodox Churches
        16. Structure of the Coptic Orthodox Church
        17. Issues related to the Coptic Church Discussed in Arab Media
        18. Movements Drawing People away from Church/ Establishing New Churches
        19. Internet Links (Coptic Church)
        20. Relations with other churches
      3. Greek Orthodox Church
      4. Greek Orthodox old calendar Church
      5. Russian Orthodox Church
      6. Armenian Orthodox Church
      7. Syrian Orthodox Church
      8. Macedonian Orthodox Church
      9. Catholic Churches in the Arab World
      10. Episcopal or Anglican Church
      11. Protestant Churches
    7. Relations between Christian Denominations
    8. Relations between Christian denominations and other religions
    9. Discussions about the separation of the church and the state
    10. Discussions about statistics of Christians in the Arab World
    11. Christian Organizations
    12. Book reviews with Christian themes
      1. The divine will behind the structure of the church
      2. Developments of Christian books
      3. Banning books (or other works) in the Coptic Orthodox Church
      4. Al-Fāris, R. Kanīsah didda al-Ālam
      5. Al-Assāl, Al-Sāfī, Laws of Kings
      6. Father Mattá al-Miskīn, The Coptic Orthodox prayer
      7. Suryāl Attīyah, A. Coptic Encyclopedia
      8. Bibāwī, N. L. Asharah Muskilāt lil Aqbāt fī Misr
      9. Bishop Bīshūy, Sharh al-Ī;mān al-Urthuthūksī
      10. Brakke, D. Demons and the Making of the Monk
      11. Cannyer, C. Coptic Egypt, the Christians of the Nile
      12. Capuani, M. Christian Egypt; Coptic Art and Monuments
      13. Gabra, G. Be Thou There
      14. Ḥ;assan, S. S. Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt,
      15. Hopkins, N.S, Upper Egypt, Life along the Nile
      16. Jamāl al-Dīn, A. History of Egypt...
      17. Joyner R. The Harvest
      18. Kamāl, K. Talāq al-Aqbāt
      19. McClellan, M. Monasticism in Egypt
      20. Meinardus, O. Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity
      21. Meinardus, O. Christian Egypt; Faith and Life
      22. Miftāh, R. The Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of St. Basil
      23. Perry, P. Jesus in Egypt
      24. Nakhlah Rafā'īl, Y. The History of the Coptic Nation
      25. Vivian, T. Words to live by: Journeys in Ancient and Modern Egyptian Monasticism
      26. Watson, J. Among the Copts
      27. Wiens, C. Y. Coptic Life in Egypt
      28. Yūsuf, M. The Role & Relations of the Coptic Church during the Coptic Era
      29. Zibāwī, M. The Copts
      30. Encyclopedia of the History of Christianity in the East
      31. The Dispensation of the Institution of the Church & the Discipline of...
      32. The Spiritual Authority in the Church & the Ecclesiastic Juridical Tradition...
      33. The Coptic Church: Its History, Traditions, Theology and Structure
    13. Christian Political Activism
  17. Relations between Christians in the West and in the Arab World
    1. Christian activists trying to mobilize western public opinion on the Arab world
    2. USA
    3. Western Arab Christians creating understanding between East and West
    4. Western Christian organizations working in Egypt
    5. Churches in the West built by Migrants from Arab countries
    6. Arab Christians in the West involved in discussions about the position of Christians in non-Christian countries
    7. Organizations and movements in the Arab world and the West
    8. Position of Christian Communities in the West
    9. Arab media reporting on Western Christianity
    10. Criticizing Western preachers (for Western political leaders see 3.2.1)
    11. Arab reporting about Catholic Church
    12. Arab reporting about Western Christian delegations visiting Egypt
    13. Churches united with the Coptic Orthodox Church
    14. Articles about Western authors who have written about the church in Egypt
    15. Controversial Western books discussed in Egypt/Arab world-related to Christianity
  18. Political and Social Context in the Arab/Islamic World
    1. Prominent Egyptian political figures
    2. Slums/local areas
    3. Egypt
      1. Nationalism, nationalist deeds of individuals
      2. The Egyptian government
      3. Parliament/People's Assembly (Majlis al-Shab)
      4. Senate (Shūrá Council)
      5. Political parties/movements
      6. Governorates
      7. Egyptian-American Relations
      8. Egyptian-European relations
      9. Egyptian-Israeli Relations
      10. Discussions about the role of Christians in Egyptian politics
      11. Discussions about the role of Christians in Pakistani politics
      12. Discussions about political reform
      13. Discussion about Pan-arabism
    4. Human rights in the Arab World
      1. Human rights organizations
      2. Discussions about human rights in general
      3. Discussions about the role of human rights organizations
      4. Human rights organizations based in Egypt
      5. Organizations working on women rights issues (see 11.17)
      6. International and Western Human rights organizations working in the Arab world
      7. Discussions about police violence, torture and procedures
      8. Discussions about applying the law in land conflicts/land appropriation
      9. Arab discussions about human rights in the West
      10. Main human rights issues mentioned in the press covered by AWR
    5. Civil society/ Advocacy of Democratization
    6. Social issues
    7. Centers for Social and Political Research
    8. Consequences for development/economy
    9. islamic economy
    10. Business people affecting social and economic development in the Arab world
    11. Communities in Egyptian society with distinct cultural identities
    12. UN organizations working in the Arab World
  19. Legal Institutions and Discussions about Laws
  20. Arab-Israeli Conflict
  21. Archeology and Culture in Arab countries
  22. History
    1. Egyptian history
    2. Islamic History
    3. Egypt
    4. Algeria
    5. Bahrain
    6. Iraq
    7. Israel
    8. Jordan
    9. Kuwait
    10. Lebanon
    11. Libya
    12. Morocco
    13. Oman
    14. Palestine
    15. Qatar
    16. Saudi Arabia
    17. Sudan
    18. Syria
    19. Tunisia
    20. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    21. Yemen
    22. Non-Arab countries
    23. Somalia