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A large number of the reports written for AWR as well as almost all editorials were written by AWR Editor-in-Chief, Cornelis Hulsman. Reports, papers, and biographies not written by Hulsman have been edited by him. Many of the reports received analytical input from the head of CIDT, Sawsan Gabra.

Background Information

Since 1997, Arab-West Report (from 1997-2003 called Religious News Service from the Arab World) has provided reviews from the Arabic media according to a fixed set of selection criteria giving you a unique overview of developments and opinions expressed in Arab media.

In 1998, Arab-West Report began publishing its own analytical reports about current events, Muslim-Christian incidents, and other subjects which are often reported in a biased way, negatively impacting Arab-West relations. All of these reports have been placed here.

Since 2002, Arab-West Report has published weekly editorials, including comments on the media covered, current events, and activities in which Arab-West Report has been involved. All editorials can be found here.

Arab-West Report started to work with student interns from Egyptian, Western, and Asian universities in 2006. The students use Arab-West Report archive as well as other sources to write articles in AWR, biographies, and papers that are published on our website. We are seeking cooperation with an institute to publish these papers in print and increase their distribution. The internship program is described here.

Arab-West Report Papers are papers that discuss one subject in length, that have been reviewed by Egyptian and/or Western academics and that are too long for placement in Arab-West Report. This has resulted in a number of unique studies about subjects that are rarely covered in depth elsewhere. These papers are completed texts, but texts from reviewers often include suggestions for further research.

In "student notes" we include papers and notes that were written by students in our office prior to ending their internship which can be used by other students as a basis for research of the same subject but which are not complete papers.

The Arab-West Report archive has developed into a unique data resource that is unmatched in its depth and focus. It is of great value for all those who wish to understand contemporary Christianity in a major Islamic country and use this database for education for peace. Interns are able to build on the work of interns before them, thus further increasing the depth and scope of our archive.

Arab-West Report is seeking an academic partner and distributor it can link up with to further strengthen the database, continue our research, and promote education for peace.