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About us

Arab-West Report is an independent weekly digest of Egyptian newspaper translations and editorial analysis, focusing primarily on Arab-West and Muslim-Christian relations. Our English summary translations of Egyptian newspaper articles and special reports deal with issues that have either been controversial or misreported in various media.

Articles and reports in the electronic archive of Arab-West Report cover the period from 1997 until today. This material is used to build an Electronic Documentation Center with advanced search functions, providing you unique insight into contemporary Arab-West and Muslim-Christian relations.

We support Muslim-Christian understanding and improving intercultural awareness between Arab-West communities so that both parties may refrain from polemics, exaggerations, and other distortions.

We currently publish summary translations daily from Sunday through Thursday. The translations of Friday and Saturday appear on Sunday. For a list of topics we cover, click here. For a list of newspapers from which we select, click here.

As we are increasingly focusing on Arabic context not all Arabic articles are translated into English. This is why in the English weekly version some numbers are missing.

For our methodology of work click here.

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