14. Answer to the Coptic Associations outside Egypt

Hulsman writes the press release contains false information and alleges an incorrect and absurd relationship to the Egyptian government and demands a rectification.

7. Letter to the editor of the Sunday Telegraph

Finding out the truth is not easy but the extremely inaccurate and highly sensational way The Sunday Telegraph has, in its article of Sunday October 25, 1998, reported about Christians in Egypt ["Egyptian police ’crucify’ and rape Christians" by Christina Lamb] certainly doesn’t help the reader to understand a complex situation.

13. Press Release of the Coptic Associations directed against the interview of Hulsman in Al-Ahram on October 30 and the article of Ibrahim Nafaa in Al Ahram on October 31, 1998.

The press release criticizes the two previous Al Ahram articles and calls Hulsman "a double agent for the Egyptian government" who is afraid of being expelled from Egypt.

The press release believes the letter Nafaa referred to in his article is a fabrication. They are upset because the Nafaa’s article refers to the letter of an unknown writer who demands that action be taken against Copts abroad who dare to criticize Egypt.

16. Excessive local police interrogations are no indication of Christian persecution in Egypt

Drs. Hulsman writes a special report about his investigation of el-Kashh incidents in August, where some Christians where killed.t 1,000 Christians in the small town of el-Kosheh," police behavior and mistakes in foreign reports about al-Kosheh. The report contains an evaluation explaining how the investigations into the murder of two Christians and the responses from the bishop, police, human rights lawyer Maurice Sadek, emigrant Copts and other actors resulted in a huge escalation.

25. Response to the request of readers

In the RNSAW of June 27 - July 1 1998, a translation was given of an article of Fikriya Ahmed in El-Wafd 27, titled ’The Dutch intelligence condemns Muslims in its annual report’. The RNSAW obtained the text of the summary of this report and translated it for our readers.