67. Statement from the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate at Anba Rueiss, Abbassiya

Arab West Report translated the text of the Coptic Orthodox acting Patriarch Bishop Pachomius's comment on the incidents of the village Dahshūr, al-Badrāshīn Township.

Below is the full text translation of the the official statement.

[Reviewer's Note: the below name, address and  postal code were mentioned in English in the official statement that is why Arab West Report did not transliterate Deir Anba Rueiss.] 

2. Hānī Labīb in list of voters of new Coptic Orthodox Patriarch
Watanī published the list of Copts eligible to vote for the 118 th Coptic Orthodox Patriarch. The list contained 2554 names that represent many segments in the society, including: metropolitans and bishops, heads of monasteries, deputies and trustees, members of the Spiritual Council in Cairo, deputies of dioceses and agents of the Christian law, current and former Coptic ministers and incumbent members of the Majlis al-Ummah (parliament), current and former members of the General Millī Council, archons, Coptic owners, chief editors or editors of daily newspapers on condition that they are members of the Syndicate of Journalists.
The list of Copts who are eligible to vote for the new Coptic Orthodox Patriarch contains the name of Hānī Labīb, CIDT's Managing Director.
5. Clinton Visits Mursī amid Coptic Protests

[Editor: Jayson Casper attended this Coptic demonstration on July 14]

Traditionally, it is the Copts who look to America for support of their minority rights. With the Muslim Brotherhood now in the presidency, though not in full power, some Copts wonder if the United States is switching sides.

The statement of ‘looking to America’ should not be taken as normative. The Coptic Orthodox Church and most leaders of influence insist on Egyptian solutions to Egyptian problems. They believe an appeal to the West would brand Copts as traitors in their own land. Average Copts, however, often state a sentiment of longing for America – either for pressure on Cairo or as an escape through emigration.

58. Taming the Islamists

A friend of mine asked me the other day what I think of this quote from the Economist of June 23:
‘The best way to tame the Islamists, as Turkey’s experience shows, is to deny them the moral high ground to which repression elevates them, and condemn them instead to the responsibilities and compromises of day-to-day government.’

58. As President Mursī Preaches Peace, Muslim Brotherhood Sanctions Jihad

In both his presidential campaign and inaugural addresses, President Muhammad Mursī has assured the world of Egypt’s commitment to peace. Yet in the run-up to the final election on June 14, the Muslim Brotherhood published an Arabic article calling this commitment into question.


On November 14, Isabella Pereira mailed a feature story titled, “The dirty secret behind some of Cairo’s development dreams”.  

I have been on the mailing list of Amnesty International for years and appreciate much of their reporting, but I found the title of this story extremely suggestive and unbalanced. 

On August 19, an opinion piece by Dr. Tariq Ghazalī Harb appeared in al-Masrī al-Yawm, a liberal Egyptian daily newspaper. The author, a surgeon, describes the Muslim Brotherhood (which he always names with negative sarcasm) as a cancer in society, and in his authoritative medical opinion the only solution for healing the body from a tumor is its complete extraction.

On April 25, 2013, Jihad Watch contributor Raymond Ibrahim (Ibrāhīm) published in Middle East Forum what he titled “Death to Churches Under Islam; A Study of the Coptic Church.” (http://www.meforum.org/3492/churches-under-islam)

AWR's intern Myles Ormerod reviewed articles of incidents that were not covered in Egyptian newspapers, but came in online foreign media on May 25, 2013, tackling Muslim-Christians relations and/or Coptic issues. 

On March 28, 2013 Fox News broadcast an incendiary video report entitled, ‘US Silent as Christians are Persecuted in Egypt?’ It is understood that media relies on a level of sensationalism in order to attract the viewer or reader to a story. Yet this report moves beyond sensationalism to distortion, in which elements of truth are stretched to create an impression far removed from reality. 


Newsclippings from International Sources

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What's this ?

Martha Saeed, the mother of a child kidnapped four years ago is asking President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to intervene to bring her daughter back.

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Lawyer Samir Nazer, a member of the Coptic Christian family called Agoura in Al-Shamiya village, Assiut (Upper Egypt), said, “We appealed on Monday to the President of the Republic, the Minister of Interior, the Attorney General, and the Assiut director of security because a group of thugs led by Ashraf Ahmed Mohamed Halika, Salim Ahmed Salim and others seized about fifteen acres” owned by a number of members in his family 15 days ago.

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Observers believe that the information provided by Eman Morcos, a Coptic woman who recently escaped from kidnapping, raises serious concerns about the role of the police in the diappearance of Christian Egyptians.

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The Copts of Al-Qusiya city, Assuit (Upper Egypt) appealed to President Sisi and the Interior Minister to save them from the criminals who force financial royalties on them.

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According to the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence, there are 300 Egyptian jihadists in the ranks of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (IS), the Los Angeles Times reported.

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